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About Us

We are Care ‘N’ Comfort Ltd we specialise in Innovative, portable Electric Mobility Scooters and transportation for everyone. We have many years of experience working in the Independence & Mobility market. We carefully source the best quality GREEN Electric Wheelchairs and offer professional advice and customer support, both from our shop here in Dover Kent and on-line service.

We believe we have transportation and mobility products for everyone to help people get around with ease and comfort. People all over the world are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of vehicles, rising fuel costs and congestion in our cities. Electric Mobility Scooters and other such vehicles are a solution to help the planet. Reduce your carbon footprint, charge your batteries overnight (4 – 6 hours) costs approx 15 pence electricity, then cruise to your hearts content. Running costs 1p per mile.

Innovative and Comfortable options for people who want low cost mobility and clean Green commuting. “Go GREEN In 2018”

A Mobility shop here in Dover, London Road.

Our Mission Statement is Care in the Community, to help people with their Independence & Mobility, giving them a better Quality of Life.

Helping people to be more comfortable and to give them some temporary relief from their day to day aches and pains. To achieve a Better Life.