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February 2018 – Facebook review Peter Mcneill from Dover.

Just got back from hiring the Retro scooter for a week, It Was fantastic to be able to get out & about with the Grandchildren. Took me back a number of years, every Where I wanted to go it took me & my 20+ stone frame Up hills & down dales, absolutely great.

January 2018. Facebook review from Ben Pilott.

Took the Retro Electric Scooter for test drive today, absolutely amazing. Hired it for weekend to get a proper feel for it! Great for young people who want something that’s cheap to run & looks awesome.

September 2017 from Alain Del Hobbs Dover Kent.

“Really Chuffed with this new wheelchair. Very comfortable.

July 2017 Elizabeth Daley from Dover Kent.

I have this chair and love it, thank you.

June 2017 Zenobia Pullen from Dover Kent

Got my power chair & I love it, we took our children to Wingham wildlife park, i felt I was more with my family as i was able to get up close to the animal enclosures, had a great day out all due to my reno 2 power chair. I would like to thank care “n” comfort for ordering it in for me & going out the way to fix it together & charge it up for me so all i had to do was udrive it away, great customer service.

Mr C Ayling Dover

I am over the moon with my new C3 Deluxe mobility scooter, as it has really changed my life for getting about shopping in the town etc, and going up to my allotment. The service i received from yourself over supplying my scooter was excellent. The product itself in quality and performance are second to none. I award you and the scooter 5 stars.

Zinger Reviews.

Jo Anne Anderson.

I have MS and had a full size power wheelchair, weighing 180 lbs that had to be transported on a rack at the back of the car and covered to shield it from the elements. It was a hassle to use. Then i discovered the Zinger with a superb design that allows the 41lb power chair to be folded like a garden chair and put into the boot or back seat for easy transport.It also drives like a dream, it is easy to use and turn. It gives me the Freedom I have never had before. I would recommend it to anyone. It is the best chair on the market.

Margaret Contreras.

I love my chair, I have had it for 8 months now. I took it on the Ferry, it was simple to travel with. I have had 3 knee replacements so mobility and walking is an issue for me. I feel I have regained my Independence back. I take the chair every where and use it all the time. I am able to lift the chair and put it in the boot of my car.
I can recommend this to anyone who is tired of using the traditional wheelchair.

Ed B.

I have Parkinsons & have a great deal of difficulty walking even with a walker because of balance issues. I can go anywhere now.


I took my Zinger on a cruise from Russia for 12 days. We visited many beautiful cities, villages and historic sites. Without my Zinger i wouldn’t have been able to even get around the ship, much less see the wonders of these lovely places and visited so many friendly warm people there. Thank you Zinger people.

Chuck H.

The best part is the weight and size, I carry mine in my car and pull the wire and it unfolds and is ready to go. It fits through All doorways and its turning radius beats all other big clumsy chairs. The battery gets me over 6 miles and I haven’t run out of power yet. I rarely use the reverse, but push myself back.

Ken L.

I received my Zinger chair about 1 month ago. I have severe neuropathy in both legs and use crutches to walk short distances. I had been using a folding wheelchair for years, but my shoulders began to take a beating from the repetitive motion. I have been searching and analysing scooters & power chairs for several years and finally settled on the Zinger chair. I could not be more pleased with my experience. The chair serves my needs perfectly. It does take a bit of use until you are used to and comfortable with the controls, but after a few days it is fairly intuitive. I am extremely happy with the chair and i hope it holds up for many years.